Tour Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

Experience the City’s oldest and most enchanting neighborhood… lit up at night!

Barcelona Gothic Nights

As I navigate the Gothic Quarter’s alluring medieval alleyways on my way home at the end of the night, I often feel like I’m trespassing on an abandoned movie set. I’m mesmerized by the bewitching glow of the streetlamps as they dimly light the stone fountains and ancient walls. Just a few streets away, the faint sounds of thousands swilling cocktails and dancing in ‘discos’ entice me to divert from my path.

Experience Barcelona’s oldest neighborhood, the Gothic Quarter, in our private night tour.

Join us for a unique Gothic Night, and enjoy a seductive stroll through the maze of cobblestone streets, impressively-lit churches, and hidden courtyards that make up Barcelona’s most mysterious and historic neighborhood, while encountering, first hand, the bustling Barcelona nightlife amidst relics of a glorious past. We’ll end late, so we definitely recommend a post-tour stop with your guide, to round out the experience with some delicious tapas and a sampling of local wines.

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