Barcelona Day Trip: Tour Dali Museum and Girona

Aesthetic, artistic, historic and gastronomic stimulation.

Girona & Salvador Dalí

With views of the snow-capped Pyrenees in the distance, and a river running through its historic core, Girona is picturesque and seductive. It’s also one of Spain’s oldest cities, proudly flaunting architecture from the Roman, Moorish, Romanesque and Gothic periods, all within walking distance of one another. Hidden in its maze of age-old cobblestoned alleyways, are high-end boutiques and restaurants that add to this city’s captivating allure. And, don’t forget the significance of Judaism in Girona, possessor of Spain’s second-ever Jewish History Museum and most well preserved medieval Jewish quarter, not to mention the birthplace of Nahmanides – perhaps the most revered Talmudic scholar of the ancient world.

The nearby town of Figueres was the childhood home of Salvador Dalí, the most zanily original artist of all time. Dalí was a bizarre and loveable genius, famous not only for his surrealist paintings and sculptures, but also for his eccentric personality and avant-garde technical contributions to the world of art. After achieving international success, the artist returned to his hometown, where he designed and built a museum dedicated to his life and works. The Teatre Museu Dalí itself is a masterpiece as shocking and impressive as the unique collection displayed within and arranged by Dalí himself.

We’ll start your day in Figueres, with an unforgettable private tour through the fantastical museum, where we hope to help you understand the multiple facets, mindsets, and artistic styles of the Surrealist pioneer. We’ll then whisk you off to historic Girona, where you’ll stroll through ancient archways and down narrow alleyways, en route to unlocking the secrets of each of the city’s golden eras. Along the way, you’ll visit the ‘Call’ (historic Jewish quarter), the Gothic cathedral and Arab baths, and – time permitting – will have the chance to amble along the Roman wall, or make a stop at the Jewish Museum.

Amidst this full-day itinerary, we wouldn’t want you to lose sight of the importance of food as an integral part of your cultural discovery! We’ll top off your Girona experience with a leisurely lunch in one of the wonderful restaurants for which the city is so widely known. You’ll have your choice of traditional or Michelin-star. Either way you choose, we’ll take you to our top pick, so not to worry!

This excursion lasts an entire day and includes approximately 6-7 hours for touring and lunch, plus 3 hours of travel time. In order to maximize your day, we’ve designed a full itinerary with limited free time.

If you would prefer to visit only either the Dalí Museum or Girona, as opposed to both, we’d be happy to arrange that for you. Just say the word!

This experience depends greatly on you and your interests.

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