Barcelona Day Trip: Sitges

Experience the Mediterranean with all of your senses.

Sitges by the Sea

Speckled with white stucco buildings against a gorgeous aqua-blue sea, the quaint, historic town of Sitges sits just South of Barcelona, along the Mediterranean coast. Famous for its eleven beaches and 300 annual days of sunshine, Sitges is also a cultural “Mecca” and one of the gay capitals of Europe, having been home to renowned artists during the Bohemian movement of the late 19th Century, and a hub of the liberal counterculture in the 1960’s. This town of 30,000 inhabitants quadruples in size every summer and also while hosting the Sitges International Film Festival in October, and ‘Carnival’ in February, each of which attracts crowds from around the world.

Many are drawn to Sitges for its relaxing atmosphere, great seafood, acclaimed ‘malvasia’ wines, and wonderful shops, tucked into narrow, seaside alleyways. ‘Barceloneses’ flock there for summer fun and to enjoy the bustling nightlife.

Come explore this charming town with us, on foot, with the sun overhead and the cool sea breeze at your back. You’ll immediately understand Sitges’s eternal allure for artists and expressive types; many clients ask to be left there after the tour is over. While touring the town, we will visit one or two small museums along the way, each set in beautiful historical buildings. At the end of the tour, we’ll stop for a spectacularly fresh ‘paella’ lunch along the beach.

Sitges by the Sea is a full day excursion that lasts either 6-7 hours, or 8-9 hours, depending on whether you choose the full- or extended-day option. In order to maximize your experience, we’ve designed a full itinerary, so unless otherwise requested, free time is limited. Therefore, you might consider the extended-day option, if you’d like more free time for sunbathing on the beach or browsing through the wonderful clothing, shoe, and wine shops in the town center.

As with all of our day trips and excursions, there are various ways to enjoy this experience – please let us know what you’re looking for, and I’m sure we can find a way to accommodate you… Ask us about the “Bare Bones”, “Deluxe”, and “Bells n’ Whistles” options…

This experience depends greatly on you and your interests.

Please let us know what you’re looking for…

We highly recommend you read our General Touring Guidelines before booking. We want you know exactly what to expect. Please feel free to propose your own personal twist on any existing route or guideline!

Both the full- and extended-day options include approximately 5 hours to explore the town on foot, visit its small museums (if applicable) and delight in a leisurely lunch along the beach, and 1-2 hours of travel time.

Museum(s) visited depend on time of year and hours of operation. Possibilities include: Museu Romantic (18th Century home of a wealthy Sitges family containing its original furnishings & collection of 200-year-old dolls), Casa Bacardi (learn from a member of the Bacardi family – originally from Sitges – about the family’s revolutionary rum distillation techniques and how to make (and drink) the “perfect” Mojito), Cau Ferrat (quaint and beautiful former home of modernist painter Santiago Rusiñol, right on the water), and Museu Marical (small art museum with spectacular views, and former home of American billionaire Charles Deering).