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Jewish Barcelona

Before the Spanish Inquisition and the Edict of Expulsion of the Jews in the 15th Century, Spain had one of the largest and most prosperous Jewish populations the world had ever known. Medieval Barcelona was approximately 15% Jewish, with most living in the ‘Call’, or historic Jewish quarter.

This once thriving community, unfortunately, left behind little tangible evidence of their existence after their annihilation with the decisive “pogrom” of 1391. Those few remnants that survive – some having been uncovered only recently – and the historical anecdotes that surround them, provide clues and insights into a fascinating past. However, without the help of an expert, most of these stories will likely elude you as you stroll through the medieval alleyways of one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. In Barcelona today, with four active synagogues, the opening of the odd kosher store, and the gradual influx of foreign Jews, Judaism is more present now than it has been in over 500 years. Some modern-day Spaniards have investigated their families’ pasts only to discover their own Sephardic roots!

In order to help you live and breathe Barcelona’s compelling Jewish history, we have teamed up with a dear friend: a Jewish architect and self-made expert on Jewish Spain & Heritage issues, who has become one of the most influential voices on Jewish Barcelona. Active in the Community today and with over 15 years of experience in her field, she will not only teach you little-known historical facts, but also share useful information and entertaining tales for anyone hoping to be exposed to, or participate in, Judaism in Barcelona today. You will also visit the remains of the historic Major Synagogue, claimed by some to be the oldest in Europe. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

As you can imagine, such an expert guide is a hot commodity, and therefore, tours are subject to availability.

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This tour concentrates on a small area and is highly specialized in Jewish history and points of interest. For a broader experience of Barcelona’s historic neighborhoods – which can include information on and a stroll through the Call – we recommend you check out “Undiscovered Corners of the ‘Barrio Gótico’”.