Gourmet Tapas - Barcelona Tapas Tour

A charming evening of creative tapas and quality wines in our favorite secret spots.

Tapas, with Class

Increasingly since the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona has become a cosmopolitan city, attracting individuals from around the world, who bring with them fresh ideas and their own gastronomic traditions. These worldly influences coupled with Barcelona’s newfound trendiness and creative vibe, collide with the city’s classic Spanish-Catalan-Mediterranean cuisine and you’re left with an eclectic and sometimes exotic array of innovative and delicious dining options, from high-end Michelin-star establishments, to small, off-the-beaten-track tapas joints.

Take part in a classy tapas bar-hopping experience and learn about the history of tapas and their evolution, in Barcelona, into a designer, hip, and healthy phenomenon.

You’ll enjoy elaborate treats, from candied duck and zucchini ‘carpaccio’, to Iberian ham, and seared tuna. You’ll also sample some of the well-known regional wines and bubbly ‘cava’: Catalunya’s pride and joy.

This experience includes your private, informational tour in three different hole-in-the-wall tapas bars, in three separate neighborhoods, from the historic and picturesque Gothic Quarter to the glamorous Born, now one of Barcelona’s most fashionable shopping districts by day and busiest drinking and dining areas by night. The abundant selection of high quality, stylish tapas and drinks is not included, so you’ll pay as you go and see how much you’re able to consume along the way.

Keep in mind, these are local joints, where we or any Barcelona native would eat, and tourists would unlikely find on their own. In order to make sure you get a full and rich experience, we generally recommend various dishes and drinks to order, however, we are flexible depending on your specific likes and dislikes, which you can discuss with us or your guide.

There’s no need to dress formally for this tour. The food is contemporary and upscale, but the atmosphere is friendly and casual.

There are various ways to enjoy this experience

Let us know which works best for you

We highly recommend you read our General Touring Guidelines before booking. We want you know exactly what to expect. Please feel free to propose your own personal twist on any existing route or guideline!

Our tapas tours are as much about “the experience” as they are about the food and are led by individuals from our regular team of historical guides. If you’re looking for a more in-depth culinary informational experience, we recommend you check out our “Mediterranean Gourmet” experience or the “Delectable Catalan Feast”, each led by culinary experts and chefs.