Our Most Popular Tour: The Barrio Gotico

An in-depth experience of Barcelona’s oldest neighborhood.

Undiscovered Corners of the 'Barrio Gótico'

The historic ‘Barri Gótic’ has been a witness to urban excitement for over 2000 years. The heart of the Gothic Quarter, where the Roman forum once stood, has been the center of Barcelona’s city-life since the year 16 B.C., and remains as dynamic and enthralling today. Lively festivals, open markets, and political demonstrations (some more peaceful than others) add character to its enchanting ‘plazas’ and cobblestoned streets. You’ll stroll by boutiques, bakeries, art galleries, and restaurants that opened their doors before your great-great-great grandparents were born.

We invite you to wander with us through the Gothic Quarter’s maze in this historic tour in Barcelona.

I invite you to wander with us through the Gothic Quarter’s maze of ancient alleyways to discover its most sequestered nooks and majestic medieval relics. If you’re interested, we’ll also include a stroll through the historic Jewish Quarter (or ‘Call’), where we can visit the remains of what’s presumed to be Europe’s oldest synagogue. Depending on your appetite, and the time of year, we’ll often stop during the tour to sample my favorite, traditional mid-afternoon treat: ‘churros con chocolate’, or a cool glass of fresh ‘horchata’, or a ‘tapa’ and some local wine. Taste this neighborhood’s delectable charm!

By choosing the full-day option, you’ll ensure a more comprehensive Barri Gótic experience, along with a more thorough look into some of the other neighborhoods comprising Barcelona’s ‘Ciutat Vella’, or Old City, including the eclectic and alternative Raval, the glamorous and trendy Ribera, and the rustic portside Barceloneta.

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