Your Personal Shopper in Barcelona

Turn yourself over to a fashion connoisseur.

Personal Shopper

Among Barcelona’s never-ending must-see’s and do’s, visiting the city’s unique shops should also be high on your list. In a world in which items sold in far-off lands are increasingly the same as what you’d find back home, Barcelona stands out as a place where you can still stumble upon an original piece. Throughout its diverse neighborhoods, from Gràcia, to Sarrià, to the Eixample, Raval and Ribera, you’ll encounter every type of shop: high-end designer, artsy boutique, centuries-old specialty, family-run, mainstream commercial and mom-n-pop hole-in-the-wall.

Take the hassle out of deciding where to go, when, and in what order, and leave it all to our personal shopper

Be efficient: take the hassle out of deciding where to go, when, and in what order, and leave it all to our very own experienced professional. Mallika is not only an expert at navigating the ins and outs of Barcelona’s shopping districts, but is also a successful clothing designer; her sense of style and personalized recommendations are worth their weight in gold. She’ll look you up and down and instinctively guide you in terms of colors, materials, brands and budget, whether you’re looking for clothing, shoes and bags, or something else entirely: antiques, artwork, chocolates, cosmetics, handicrafts, gourmet food and gift items, or Barcelona souvenirs, … With Mallika’s help, and the guidelines you provide, we will tailor the perfect itinerary for you, making sure you take full advantage of Barcelona’s atypical shopping alternatives. You’ll likely visit different types of establishments in distinct neighborhoods, however, routes depend on individual clients’ needs and requests.

We’ll ask you to provide us with as many hints as possible: Are you looking for anything in particular? What types of things to do you normally like? What’s your price range? Do you prefer name brands or boutiques? For clothing, what types of styles, brands, materials, colors, and sizes do you tend to look for? Do you know your European size?

As you can imagine, with such a busy professional, tours are subject to availability.

There are various ways to enjoy this experience

Let us know which works best for you

We highly recommend you read our General Touring Guidelines before booking. We want you know exactly what to expect. Please feel free to propose your own personal twist on any existing route or guideline!

You will enjoy this experience with your own Personal Shopper / clothing designer and will not be accompanied by one of our regular historical guides. Although your Shopper knows Barcelona well and can offer her own anecdotes and unique perspectives on city life, if you’re looking for a more detailed overview of Barcelona’s history, culture, architecture and politics, we recommend you check out our walking tours, in the section “Barcelona: Day & Night”.

*There’s a chance that this tour will include rides on the ‘metro’ or other forms of public transport. If so, this is included in the tour price.