Mallika Chaudhuri

The Best Tour Guides in Barcelona!

Perky, witty, charming, and classy, Mallika is the best Personal Shopper in the “Biz”. Her fierce intuition and innate sense of style allow her to size up any client in a heartbeat, while her magnetic personality makes her just plain fun to be around. And, that voice! It’s straight out of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”!

When attempting to tackle and navigate the fantastic and intriguing, yet overwhelming Barcelona shopping and fashion scenes, trust me, you’ll WANT to be able to count on this woman’s savvy. You’ll feel extremely comfortable and at-home leaving yourself in her hands. A successful clothing designer, Mallika loves to spend her off-time helping our clients get the most out of their time in Barcelona, whether interested in buying clothing, accessories, food and gift items, art, antiques, and so on. Originally from London and of joint Bangladeshi and Iranian descent, Mallika lived and worked in Manchester and Hong Kong before moving to Barcelona in 2005, when her career as a designer took off. “If Barcelona were a color, it would be orange: fiery, hot & young. To me, this city represents ‘freedom’, in all senses of the word. I love all of the historic neighborhoods of Barcelona, like the Born, Gothic Quarter, and Raval, but you really can’t experience this city by just seeing its sights; you have to feel it, taste it, listen to it, and shop in it.”