Angel Lopez Guille

The Best Tour Guides in Barcelona!

Angel is one of our most veteran guides. With him, you’ll get “bang for your buck”, as he posesses an incredible wealth of guiding experience and knowledge on any topic related to the art, architecture and history of Barcelona, all squeezed into one tiny frame. After tours with Angel, clients have remarked that they’d like to take him home with them in their pockets!

You’ll instantly fall for his playful wit and charm. You should also know that Angel is a truly well-rounded individual, who besides guiding, works extensively in the museums and cultural institutions of Barcelona, and also as a photographer (he’s done video-montages of his tours!), while always making time for traveling, dining well, and being sporty. Angel himself is not so different from what he loves most about his home city: “Barcelona is many different cities, in one”. He’s truly passionate about helping people discover its infinite hidden gems, such as the secret underground tunnels at the Hospital de Sant Pau, and the little-known and highly mysterious Horta Labyrinth. Besides Barcelona, Angel has lived in various European cultural hubs, including Paris and London. He remembers, not so fondly, a ‘tapa’ of cow intestines, curled around a skewer, “like yarn on a spool,” which he ate bit by bit as he unrolled it: “It was like a horror movie!”