Cristina Belenguer

The Best Tour Guides in Barcelona!

Cristina is hard to keep up with, even for us! Besides Barcelona (her home city), she has lived in various places, incluing Berlin and Helsinki, and is known amongst our team as “The Machine.” She often does multiple tours in a single day, while staying busy in her “off” time with limitless projects, jobs, and extra-curricular activities, in all of which she shines.

Her studies are as varied as her work experience, ranging from art, literature, and tourism, to journalism, acting, and Judaism. She’s the perfect mix of professional and knowledgeable, coupled with a heart of gold! And, she seems to know every undiscovered corner of the city, and then some: “While they’re all unforgettable, I’m in love with one in particular, which even most locals don’t know about: the remains of the 2000-year-old Roman temple, hidden in the private courtyard of an apartment building. Shhhh.. don’t tell.” Cristina also warns you to wear comfy shoes if you’re planning on exploring with her! She recalls, with a chuckle, the time the fire department had to come dislodge a woman’s high heel from a sewer grate.