Dolores Arias Duval

The Best Tour Guides in Barcelona!

“Dols”, as she is affectionately known to us, makes quirky cool. “I’m an Argentinian-American by birth, but a ‘Barcelonesa’ by devotion,” says Dols. She has lived and worked in so many countries by this point, we’re beginning to lose count: the United States, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and is currently residing in Paris!

Having spent nearly half of her life in Barcelona, she became enamored with uncovering its deepest, darkest secrets and learning its most quirky idiosyncrasies. With culture at her very core and a true woman of the world, Dols possesses a broad spectrum of knowledge in diverse fields, but International Relations remains her favorite, and her forte. In every city she invades, Dols sets out on a mission to learn the history, speak the language, and integrate with the locals. In doing so, she manages to discover all of the exclusive hang-outs, underground hot-spots, curious hidden corners, and the best restaurants in town! Her passion for city exploration quite literally led her right to Hi. This is Barcelona…, where she, obviously fits right in. We’ve missed her since her recent move to France; however, she makes frequent trips back to the Catalan Capital, so you still could be lucky enough to experience Barcelona through her eyes! I assure you, it’ll be a treat.