Joan Miquel Llodra

The Best Tour Guides in Barcelona!

Joan Miquel is a small town guy, who lives by the sea, just outside of Barcelona. He journeys in excitedly, on a regular basis, to help those with hopes of discovering the city he so loves. Joan’s serene manner and sense of humor put you immediately at ease: “While touring, I pretend I’m exploring the city with close friends, explaining the best – and worst – of our past, and present.”

Surpassing Joan’s seemingly boundless knowledge of Catalan art, literature, architecture, and history, is difficult to imagine. It’s a gift to have this scholar on our team. He is particularly passionate about the areas north of Barcelona, such as Girona and the Costa Brava, as well as Catalunya’s artistic legacy. Besides touring, Joan works extensively in the the city’s multiple museums, and is also a prolific writer, having published historical and cultural articles, and even a fictional novel! To him, Barcelona is: “Innovation, openness to the world, and respect for tradition… all in one!”