Jose Antonio Peral

The Best Tour Guides in Barcelona!

Jose Antonio would be the first to describe himself as a “character”. Unique in all possible ways, and with an intellingent opinion to share on all topics, he’s quite literally a walking encyclopedia on everything from politics, art, and history, to mythology and conspiracy theories; he’s also the only red-headed Catalán I know.

I’ve never seen Jose without a book under his arm (and another few in his bag), a notebook, and a pen to jot down his thoughts; always reading, always a student, but a professor and “Life Coach” as well! As the longest-running guide on our team, Jose continues to wow our clients with his infinite knowledge, along with his unbridled enthusiasm for his home city, his many trades, and all parts of life. “Barcelona is my place in this world; it’s where I belong. A city of infinite contradictions: Conservatively revolutionary, cosmopolitan-ly nationalistic, collectively individualist – the only city in the world able to flourish and forge an identity on a string of irreconciliable contradictions. Barcelona: a lot less than it claims to be; a lot more than it seems to be!”.