Mirjam Stibbe

The Best Tour Guides in Barcelona!

Mirjam has brightened all of our days; and she’s certain to do so for you. This “ray of sunshine” emerged from the grey skies of Holland en route to sunny Barcelona; and we couldn’t be happier that she did. Her professionalism, conviction and upbeat outlook on life have been invaluable assets to our team.

Upon receiving her Masters in Cultural Studies and Media Communication from the University of Utrecht (her home city), Mirjam decided to follow her heart – and the sun – in moving to Barcelona, a city which she describes as embodying everything she seeks: “politically charged, with a vibrant cultural and artistic community, beaches I can enjoy in both the summer and winter, large and busy, and yet with a laidback lifestyle that stresses the importance of enjoying every minute.” Upon touring the Catalan Capital with her step-mother, who’s in a wheel chair, Mirjam became aware of the many difficulties someone unable to walk encounters while attempting to navigate this ancient city. So, with her ambitious spirit and signature die-hard drive, Mirjam set out on a mission to make Barcelona accessible to all. Her proactivity eventually landed her as the city’s leading expert on wheelchair-friendly routes. Her years of studying the ins and outs of this complex city have given her a deep understanding of its layout and infrastructure, not to mention a fascinatingly unique perspective on its diverse neighborhoods, history and architecture. “It makes me happy to be able to share the beautiful experiences and rituals of Spain with visitors from all over the world. Barcelona is a special place, and I intend to show people why. I introduce them to this city just as I’ve experienced it, as a combination of history, lifestyle, culture, and most of all, fun!” As a testament to the positive energy Mirjam exudes (not to mention her skills as a guide) a group of clients recently thanked her after their tour by collectively breaking out into song.