Sam Mednick

Barcelona Private Tours

What would this company be without Sam? This firecracker from Toronto is strong, direct, proactive, and feisty… at all times. As our clients, you’ll likely exchange emails with her at some point, and she’ll wiggle her way into your hearts in the process. As such, she perfectly embodies our company spirit; you’ll be disappointed upon learning that she won’t actually be your guide.

Sam is someone who literally sucks the marrow out of life, in all ways, at all times. She’ll travel anywhere, and go to any length to experience the “ultimate rush”, be it heli-skiing down virgin slopes, traveling alone through the Middle East and Asia, or working as a foreign correspondent in Africa and South America! Also an accomplished journalist, she’s been freelance writing for years, often publishing articles on Human Interests and World Affairs, even enjoying a brief stint as a sex columnist, “a la Carrie Bradshaw”. Coupled with her work for Hi.This is Barcelona…, Sam manages to continue writing and conducting radio interviews on the side. She loves the beach and the mountains intensely, hence making Barcelona her ideal home: “Barcelona is constantly being re-energized with fresh faces and innovative ideas. It has an invigorating, infectious vibe. If you’re driven, motivated and able to think outside of the box, you will excel in this city!” In Sam’s years here, she’s made a point of discovering unique and eclectic hot-spots on a daily basis and has built up a large circle of fascinating international friends, always living up to her quintessential proverb on life: “NO REGRETS!”