Sergi Calvo Soler

The Best Tour Guides in Barcelona!

There’s not much in life that Sergi enjoys quite as much as showing visitors the city in which he was born and raised: Barcelona. Sergi’s youth, enthusiasm, passion and professionalism, make him a hard man to compete with when it comes to providing an upbeat and well-rounded touring experience. A sucker for detail, Sergi will impress you with his knowledge of the intricacies and intimacies of European, Catalan and Barcelonian history and culture.

Beginning with the cold, hard facts – each properly cited and well documented – then finessing his way into the anecdotal, mythical, and bizarre, Sergi is a skilled craftsman whose tour is a rare jewel: always perfect, always pure. I dare you to try to poke any holes in his technique. His recent move to London in search of his THIRD university degree was certainly a blow to our team, and to us personally. But, when Sergi’s endless quest for knowledge eventually brings him back our way, he’ll be ready to once again impart that knowledge onto you. In the meantime, during his frequent visits, we’re still lucky enough to be able to capitalize on his excellent guiding skills. He’d love to take you up to the top of Tibidabo mountain and give you an unforgettable intro to Barcelona, while you enjoy the breathtaking view – Sergi’s favorite in the city. “Barcelona means so many things to me: culture and design, tradition and modernity, great weather and better food, multiracial and integrative, Mediterranean and Catalan,… In short, a unique and multifaceted city.”